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Boston, Massachusetts- December 19, 2012- In the MENA region, FTTH/B subscriptions have more than doubled in the last two years, from less than 500,000 to around 1.4 million. However, there are serious discrepancies between the Big Three (UAE, Turkey and Saudi Arabia), which account for 96 percent of all subscriptions as of 2012, and the rest, according to a new report from Pyramid Research (

FTTH in the Middle East & North Africa: Untapped Opportunities for Operators sets out to understand why some markets are more conducive to FTTH than others and what lessons can be learned from successful deployments. Pyramid Research develops a list of factors that are influential during the consideration of commercial FTTH launches and analyzes the demand dynamics, namely the effects of existing fixed broadband adoption and potential gaps in the pay-TV market. Supply dynamics are considered and ROI estimations are created based on deployments in different urban densities and pricing schemes for countries that have not yet deployed FTTH. Competitive dynamics are used to assess the role of incentives driven by pressures from other operators and segments. Pyramid ends the analysis by looking more closely into how each of these dynamics impacted the fiber deployment motivations of the operators in the Big Three markets.

Download an excerpt or purchase the report here.

“Making the case for FTTH deployment requires consideration of demand, supply and competitive dynamics,” says Kerem Arsal, Senior Analyst at Pyramid Research. Countries with strong FTTH uptake and potential are those where existing fixed access traditions exist and where there is active competition in infrastructure provision. These two differences clearly explain the poor status of North African countries in terms of FTTH deployments, he notes.

FTTH in the Middle East & North Africa: Untapped Opportunities for Operators is an expanded report that is part of Pyramid Research’s Telecom Insider Report Series and is priced at $1195. Download an excerpt or purchase the report here. For more information, contact Jarka Justova (for those in EMEA or Asia-Pacific) or Juan Gobbi (for those in Latin America or North America).

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