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Boston, Massachusetts- November 12, 2012- In addition to implementing Wi-Fi offloading to ease mobile broadband congestion, operators are finding numerous ways to monetize their investment, according to a new report from Pyramid Research (

Operator Opportunities and Challenges for Wi-Fi Offloading in Latin America examines the competitive and economic forces that are driving carrier-grade Wi-Fi deployments in Latin America. Pyramid Research will focus on the major mobile markets in the region, with a special focus on the Brazilian mobile market. The challenges and benefits that operators can get when rolling out their Wi-Fi networks are also presented. The report then concludes with case studies that depict some recent Wi-Fi offload deployments in Brazil, a summary of key highlights and a set of recommendations.

Download an excerpt or purchase the report here.

“A reliable, widespread Wi-Fi network allows mobile operators to service and capture revenue through Wi-Fi onload, i.e., offer fee-based access to the network for users without a permanent subscription and visitors, as well as for non-cellular devices, such as tablets and laptops,” says Guillermo Hurtado, Research Analyst for Pyramid Research. In addition, Wi-Fi offloading allows operators to leverage the information stored in the Wi-Fi access point to deliver, for example, personalized marketing messages. Once users access the Wi-Fi network, they become targets for marketing campaigns. Operators can also engage in a Wi-Fi exchange partnership, wherein operators agree to share their Wi-Fi bandwidth in exchange for access to Wi-Fi hotspots in other parts of the world, he notes.

Operator Opportunities and Challenges for Wi-Fi Offloading in Latin America is part of Pyramid Research’s Telecom Insider Report Series and is priced at $595. Download an excerpt or purchase the report here. For more information, contact Jarka Justova (for those in EMEA or Asia-Pacific) or Juan Gobbi (for those in Latin America or North America).

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